Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New sketchbook

Spine+cover. Book is made from Arches WC paper, 150lb cold press I believe. I bought the paper a while back, memory's fuzzy. The endpapers are made from a nice shiny metallic crushed brass/gold leaf looking paper I found in town months back.

 The pages were sewn individually and by hand with hand-waxed embroidery thread to form the single biggest book block I have yet attempted.

 The covers and spine are made from vegetable tanned cow hide, carved and riveted to some chromium tanned hide. In all this book uses 18 brass rivets and one brass buckle that combines with a hand cut/punched strap closure. The raised bit in the center of the front cover is built up with Kneadtite and painted with EcoFlow Cova Color.

Definatley the coolest book I've yet made. Technically the proof-of-concept for another book that should be finished shortly.


  1. Dear Liv,

    I would kill for one of your books.

    But you knew that anyway.

  2. Depending on the job market and how the second book I'm making comes along, I may sell some :)