Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bookbinding part two

A shot of my deconstructed children's book. It was an illustrated abridged version of Narnia, now it's Aslan's head. It's mounted on a wood board I varnished. This piece will be shown at the Museum of South Florida spring of 2010.

Clamshell box built to house Lizardmen :) I thought it would be cool if the box opened up into a battlefield for you to display a few units on. The air plant in the middle shot dropped out of a tree and hit me on the head as I was photographing so it became impromptu terrain XP The book is coptic stitch and contains illustrations and notation on the different types of lizardmen in the box along with some personal stuff.

Lastly, a japanese stab book for Kaitlin Reid :) I have yet to paint the cover. The crane charm was folded by Jason Keller and then varnished by myself, and I attached it to rope and constructed the tassel.

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