Monday, September 21, 2009

I've always liked green men. The idea of a wood spirit is cool, using natural leafy shapes to define vaguely human features is cool...they're just cool. Anyway I decided to make a "thorny green man" and use the zbrush image from the last post as ref. This piece was done in illustrator :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Playing with Zbrush, and some WC concepts

More concepts to post. My scanner decided to go AWOL, so, these were scanned a little bit slipshod before class today. There's much more I'd like to show you when I next get near a scanner!
I've recently conquered one of my main issues with Zbrush thanks to various tutorials on Vimeo and youtube. Previously I had lots of odd geometry on anything I worked up (like fractal fingers) and I was only able to be really successful with a very limited number of zspheres. Fortunatley I'm over that now! So here's my first piece of Zbrush (or a shot of it, the full body exists but it is not finished) which I am using as a lighting refrence for a adobe illustrator project of the same subject. Fun!

Last but not least, I've compiled a character sheet for the main dragon character I'm using in my children's book. I'm rather pleased :)

Well that's it for now folks! I've got a more juicy update coming for you later in next week :) Cheers!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Concepts- dragon and vaguely mammalian alien

For my Children's Book class I was told to focus on something I'm allready good at and try to wham out some portfolio pieces. Alright then, dragons it is :)

The book will be called "A Dragon's Guide to the Care of Humans", it's written in a sort of guide book style from the veiwpoint of a dragon. It feels a little like a kid with an ant farm only on a larger scale :) Target audience is more teen or young teen or various subculture folk than the wee Timmies of the world but I think it'll be fun. Anyhow this is my indonesian dragon design. Tribesman and such to follow, along with africa, europe, australia and the americas :)

This image is one of the rejects from a game project I'm working on for Mouseplay Productions. It's very interesting working on character design for a distinctly alien but very empathisable (is that even a word? I dont think so..) species. You can kinda see here I went and did one concept on the bottom right first and then went on to make it more and more alien/accessorized/unfriendly. The end concept still had to be likable so no giant fangs this time..well ok maybe a couple. In the end this came out too much like existing earth species and was rejected over some other things I came out with, including one dapper yellow dude that I'm sad I cant say anything more about but happy that he's greenlit :)

That's all for right now folks! More to come later as I tie up some projects, until then, thanks for dropping in!